Schumann Frequency & Resonance

23:4 🌍4:32 (432hz: frequency of Light)

23rd of April 2020

Great influx of Cosmic Light!

(Time determination of the measurement is in TSST Tomsk time (in Russia). This means that the indicated time differs 5 hours with NL- time and 7 hours with UTC- time. 13h in Tomsk time = 8am in NL- time and 6am UTC time).

  • What is the Schumann Frequency
  • What is the Schumann Resonance
  • What do the measurements tell us

The Schumann Frequency is the frequency that is present in the area between the Earth’s crust and the top layer of the atmosphere or ionosphere. It is the part in which we live. The frequency is 7.83 Hz (vibrations or pulsations per second). This is the frequency to which people, plants, animals, crystals, minerals are attuned. It is the frequency of the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living organism, the entire biosphere, which is affected by changes in the height of the frequencies.

Our alpha brain waves (8hz – 13hz: height of the frequency that our brain emits when we are in a very relaxed, meditative state) resonate (vibrate) with the Schumann frequency waves by the equal “tone” / frequency height.

Our brain waves are frequency waves which therefore resonate with the Schumann frequency waves. The Schumann frequency waves resonate again with the frequency of the heartbeat of the Earth in the core crystal.

The frequency of the Earth’s core crystal in turn continuously resonates with the heart of the Solar System and the Milky Way. You can say that all core crystals of all universes are connected on the basis of Resonance.

We are starting to realize that our own brain frequencies and consciousness (thoughts, emotions, (group) intentions/meditations, words we speak or speak inside ourselves) resonate with and through all universes and spread information via light freeways! This causes the peaks / troughs in the Schumann frequency measurement.