HeartSoundFulness: Being ONE with your Source Frequency

Deepening = Heightening

We live in a time of great changes and challenges. This means that there are new chances, new areas and talents within ourselves for all of us to discover. By delving into many ancient scriptures about the evolutlon of Earth I know that these changes are larger than just those pertaining to economical, political, financial and social matters.

The evolution of Earth can be recognized and understood through the evolution of man. During life (several lives) every human being goes through his own evolutionary path, i.e. through the 13 chakras/frequencies/tones of the chromatic scale.

This is also true for the Earth. This process of change which includes the entire planet with everything and everyone on it is larger than we initially could have imagined and thought of. lt is a cosmic rotation that will work invalving all known areas of life and through the entire universe. We are all part of this.

During a coaching session I help the client to personally obtain insight into the problem (or challenge) with which he/she is struggling and where he/she is not being able to see the Big Picture.

Besides that the client can choose from a range of tools for support to be able to integrate the new insights into her/his own life.

Silence = Creation

The different possibillities of choice are:

  • Nano tuning® treatment with the help of Souree Frequencies
  • Hathor breathing
  • Visualization techniques
  • Djembé session to connect and learn to make pure contact

During a Coaching session the client can choose a supporting tool for further integration and further absorbtion of the obtained insights in the client’s own environment from:

  • Learning to Ground Learning to visualize
  • Learning to perceive your own core and core energy
  • Learning to make contact with your environment from your own core learning to release, surrender and flow
  • Learning to experience a pure meditation
  • Learning to deal with Silence Discovering the value and potenty/opportunity of Silence
  • Learning to conneet to and feel One with nature
  • Learning to re-connect with the cosmos
  • Learning to perceive and activate your own antennas
  • Re-connection with your halo and torus

Below = Above; Inside = Outside

Heart & Head are ONE

  • Re-establish the conneetion between your Heart & Head
  • Balancing of the 4 quadrants of your brain
  • Learning to breathe from your core (Hathor breathing)
  • Learning to perceive all your chakras Cosmic resonance
  • Finding your own Source Frequencies