lnteractive Lectures and Customized Trainings

“To start with, thank you once again for your glowing and enthusiastic lecture. Among the three of us it led to much discussion on our way back to Apeldoorn (The Netherlands).”

“I was deeply impressed by your lecture in the Nieuwe Mens (The New Man Foundation). It was a captivating enthusiastic lecture that produced much discussion. Thank you once again.”

In 2013 I started giving Lectures from the book ‘Kudumiyamalai Source Frequencies deciphered’. In my lectures there will be an initial contact with the Souree Frequencies through Word, Images & Sound.

In the mean time, during Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014, I have given various lectures to different authorities among which were: the Education lnspection, CNV Day for Education, International Woman’s Day, the New Man Foundation, Natural Health Therapists, the Launching of my own book, etc, all of which were received with great enthusiasm.

During the first hour profound insights will be given into the Source Frequencies by means of Word and Image and during the second hour contact will be made with the Source Frequencies via sound and possibly by the use of drums. There will be plenty of room for asking questions and for sharing experiences.

Under the title ‘Music as a basic pattern for …’ there will be customized lectures, for example in the areas of Education, Sound Technology, Architecture or Structural Engineering, Music Education,Economics and Society in the present time, Art, Pythagoras, Sacred Geometry and the Golden Section, the Great Pyramid, the star constellations of Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus and Andromeda solar system etc.

By request every lecture can be customized to one’s personal wish/theme/area of research and specific length of time.

The Living Consciousness of Number and Frequency

The Resonance Connection between the Music Inscription and  the Great Pyramid of Giza, Orion, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus and Andromeda

lnteractive Lectures

The Blueprint of Life

Source Frequencies in Word, Image & Sound

“Everything is connected on the basis of universal musical basic patterns”, M. Vonhoff

As early as 1921 Albert Einstein discovered that, when energy is released in space, small parcels of wholeness come into being. This means that well beforehand this energy already carries within itself the totality of what is formed or will be formed. The energy contains the total basic pattern, the blue print.

In the ancient Music lnscription I found various basic patterns, each of which appear to contain a facet of these universa I blue prints. lt is like a hologram.Each basic pattem shows the whole from within its individuality and is thus in resonance. lt appears that the basic patterns underlie all applied and resonant universal knowledge which is active in the sounds. Ultimately it becomes clear that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

During this interactive lecture all basic patterns present in the ancient Music Inscription will come into picture, deeper layers and active farces will become clear and a merging with the Source Frequencies can be experienced.

The Formative Power of Music

”The Universe is a vigorous Torus producing Factory”- Duane Elgin

Since our world is not 2- dimensional it is plausible that codes which contain information about our world are also not limited to appear as flat shapes. Drunvalo Melchizedek reports that the 2- dimensional world precedes the 3- dimensional world.

The 3- dimensional version ofthe Osiris Symbol (the Flower of Life), which has been found in the Osiris Temple in Abydos (Egypt), has a skeleton of a Cube-Octahedron or Vector Equilibrium of 12 equal energy lines radiating from the center (Arthur Young & Nassim Haramein). Our (chromatic) scale consistsof 12 equal half-intervals within an octave. Seen from the outside the musical intervals appear, soit seems, different in length. lf you place yourself in the Center (Emptiness or Void) then the equality of all distances will strike you straight away. When we consider this further then many well-known phenomena appear to consist of 12: 12 parts/12 months/12 signs of the zodiac etc. (Chpt. 1 0; pages 215- 227 in my book: Souree Frequencies deciphered).

These 12 tones create a basic pattern as a basis for a scale but also as an energetic or tactile farm of a star-tetrahedron or the skeleton of a Vector Equilibrium. This skeleton farms the interior of a farm which lies at the base of everything that exists. From the smallest micro-organisms to the whole galaxy. lt has the shape of the Torus (think of the shape of a Donut or a Bagel). The skeleton consists in 3- Dimensions of 64 tetrahedrons or is surrounded by spheres: 64 torusses which together produce the image of the Flower of Life! 64 is a very important number because it resonates with the number of codons of our DNA! In the centuries old Music lnscription the numbers 4 and 64 and their associated farms can be traced back as the number of tones per cluster and the total number of tones on each line.

During this interactive lecture I will show how frequencies (pitches) create farm and vice versa, how you can apply this in your own life in order to harmonize yourself and your surroundings.

Our Brain and Learning in Resonance

Our Sounding Body

Designing from Source Frequencies

The Healing and Connecting Power of Source Frequencies

At present we become more and more aware that everything in and around us is in essence vibration. Long ago Pythagoras spoke of creation in terms of “an infinite continuum of move ment, sounds and rhythms” and Heraclitus (circa 500 BC) spoke of “Panta Rhei, everything flows”. Movements which, through the correct number relationships (musical intervals), correspond with the revolutions of the soul are natural and harmonieus. In other words: Everything is frequency, everything is music.

In Southern India exists a rock into which is engraved the so far oldest known Music Inscription. Marret Vonhoff has worked over a period of 14 years on deciphering this in many ways unique Music Inscription. She has shown that this Music Inscription contains a code of very specific cosmic and healing frequencies. During the present time of transformation and assisted by the Source Frequencies, they give their power in order to lead us back to healing and connection with the All.

During this interactive lecture Marret will illustrate by means of text and images, as well as letting you experience, the healing activity and the connecting power of 2 specific Source Frequencies from the Music lnscription (8 Hz: the heartbeat ofthe Earth and 432Hz: the connection with the cosmos).

Marret Vonhoff studied Ethno Musicology at the University of Amsterdam and foliowed African Percussion and African Harp lessons (Kora) at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

In addition she followed Flower of Life- Quanturn Touch training programs. Over a period of 16 years she runs her own Music Institute in Bussum (The Netherlands). She teaches world music and gives training sessions/lectures and workshops, which include sections from her book that aims to inspire to further self- activity. Her book: Kudumiyamalai Bron Frequencies deciphered has come out in 2013. At this website the first 38 pagescan be viewed.

The Natural Power of Music and its effect on the Development of Children

Natural learning = Learning from your Heart

Man and his Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Music in a New Light

Music is more than playing, singing or clapping a few notes on a piece of paper.

Music which is tuned to the natural tuning scale is able to penetrate your total potential of talents and to touch and activate these. By first of all starting to listen to it individually or to set it up as background music in a classroom or in a practice space new steps can be taken in many areas and harmony can come into existence in a natural and spontaneous manner.

During this interactive lecture accompanied by images and sound Marret Vonhoff will explain and allow one to experience what is understood by natural tuning. What it implies, which steps can be taken, how to arrive at this tuning and how to work with it in practice.

Basic Trainings

‘ONE with your Source Frequency’

TorusNortex creation from your own Source Frequencies

The way back and living from within your Core Being (Energy)

Harmonize yourself with the Source Frequencies

The Primal Power and Knowledge ofthe Source Frequencies Tuning-forks

Nano Tuning®

The 7 Source Frequencies of the Flower of Life

The Power of 432 Hz

Absorbing Lecture/Training

From the book Source Frequencies Deciphered: ‘Source Frequencies in Word, Image & Sound’

Nada Brahma- Life is Sound (chpt 3)

Blueprint of the Universe (chpt 4)

A Sounding Flower of Life (chpt 5)

Frequency is Dimension (chpt 7)

Cosmic Resonance (chpt 8)

Architecture, the visual music (chpt 9)

Quintessence (chpt 1 0)

Core energy (chpt 11)

the mystery of the Kudumiyamalai Music lnscription (chpt 12)

Requests on lectures and/or specific trainings in the subjects related to the above can be requested by sending an email to Marret. See About for more information and contact details.