Music Lessons

Musical lnstitute Personare teaches musical education according to the philosophy ‘help me discover (it) myself.

Music is:

  • expressing your own fantasy, your own story in sound through existing music or improvisation.
  • sounding and expressing your emotion
  • processing your core, your individuality into your own music
  • moving, charging yourself, having fun and especially feeling happy!
  • more than just playing your instrument from notes on paper!

Our music education is:

  • Aimed at learning to make music based on freedom, inner strength and in unison with your
  • Learning to read and understand musical notation to let it come to sound with your own
    instrument, using your own creativity.
  • An exploration of world music, of playing techniques and sound possibllities that are hidden in
    every musical instrument including within yourself.
  • The exploration of the world of music, soundforms, cosmic frequencies, sound-architecture, natural rhythms and above all connectedness and unity.

Musical journey

  • In his/her development every pupil/student experiences a journey via style types in accordance with his/her interests.
  • In our musical institute every genre can be discovered and explored and will be presented in a playful way.
  • Music is a language that is traditionally ‘spoken’ by people throughout the world and the entire universe.

If you make music, you make friends and help the world get more harmonious!

That is what Marret & Wil experienced during their travels around the world. On you can find more information about our music lessons, -trainings, workshops, parties and performances. Also, see About for more information and contact details.