How does the content and frequencies of the book enrich me and what will it give me?

You can do infinitely much with this book. Because this answer is to wide, I have summarized my own ideas and completed them with the practical experience of myself and others. I will continue to update this information. So this is what you can do with the content of this book:

Restore the connection with your own Source

  • Know your own Source Frequencies
  • Leave every form of jealousy behind you forever through insight
  • Learning to see illness as a discord and Health as a harmony in life
  • Create your own health (= harmony)
  • Come to a new image about your body and who you are
  • Enhance your knowledge of sound
  • Make new discoverles through the knowledge of sound
  • Starting to recognize and use music as cosmic base pattern
  • Design buildings, houses, centers and arrange cities based on musical harmonies
  • Singing, composing and playing music from your own Care energy and Source Frequencies
  • Connecting Color (Light) & Sound and have them amplify each ether in for example art expressions, re-styling homes/offices/shops or in the choice of your clothing.
  • Experiencing and using the unity of Sound and Energy
  • Obtaining insight in the preparation of food in harmony with and from the force of nature and the cosmos
  • Practicing art using its original force
  • Receiving information and inspiration from higher frequencies through Tuning.
  • Finding answers to many ofthe ordinary but essential questions in life
  • Enhancing your own Consciousness towards your Cosmic Self and integrate this to your cosmic Self
  • Opening the door with the world of the 5th Dimension Finding ‘The Secret’ to farm your own life by means of clear and grounded insights and consequently solving the Secret.