Personare is an original Egyptian word meaning House of Sound (Per=House; Sonar=Sound). You, being a Person, living in a House of Sound: your body (Music Humana). This is a reflection of and is resonating with the Uni-verse. As Above, So Below.

Personare is also an originally Latin verb, meaning: sounding through (per= through; sonare = to sound; personare = sounding through the person).

lt is a deliberately chosen name for a Musical Institute that will be celebrating its 20th birthday in june 2018.

Personare is a verb for which vibration, movement rhythm and sound are the building bloks. In the Personare center there is personal action!

All of life is a verb, has its own rhythm and sound and is continually moving, in short: is Music!

Physics shows that matter is not a solid whole that continuously remains in the same state. Therefore it is the music that can reach us without restrictions, it touches us emotionally, stirs and heals us because we consist of and are built up from the very same essence.

In all ancient scriptures and traditions from all over the world is reported that the entire universe, including our Earth and all of life, originated from one vibration, the primal sound AUM! This means that vibration is the deepest essence of all life!

According to Pythagoras, the founder of our western science, music originates from and resonates with the Music of the Spheres: the Music Mundana. Through making the rhythms and sounds audible on instruments (Musica Instrumentalis) we can experience this first primal vibration continuously.

Creativity and Communication, 2 aspects that are prominent in our way of teaching in our Musical Institute.

Creative and Communicative living from within is of great importance in life. Many companies and institutions take part in our workshops & trainings that are focused on this.

Life evolves via people who make their own ideas and intuition manifest. Of all times there were artists, philosophers, thinkers, scientists etc. who looked for higher knowledge in universal laws and rules. With this knowledge and from within themselves they gave the world new creations, techniques and above all: New Energy.

Creative (Heart, Soul, Spirit) + Cognitive (Mind) = Cumulative (New Energy)

Personare means personal growth, development and action! Without any doubt Music, Rhythm and Sound is the nearest manifestation of the primal sound AUM!

“Panta Rhei, kai ouden menei – everything flows and nothing stays”.


“Every day there are lessans in life to be learned and exams of and in life to taken.”

A. Ekhart- Mulder

“One is small, the other big. For every day you get a new tone. To put together all these tones is sometimes hard, sometimes not. Everyday you compose a little further on your own life’s song”.

W. Vonhoff- van Veen

“Discover through the silence in yourself a universe of frequencies that are waiting to be tapped and made visible”

M. Vonhoff

“He who dares to shift old boundaries and explore new ones, gives himself and the world new energy.”.

Book: Source Frequencies deciphered

“The mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open”

Dalai Lama/Tom Kenyon

If you make music, you make friends and help to make the world full of Harmony!

This is what Marret & Wil experienced during their travels around the world.