Welcome to Personare Phibration® Center

Personare is an ancient Egyptian word that means ‘House of Sound’. Per = house; Sonare = Sound. This House of Sound is referring to our physical body. Men was seen, and luckily to day is seen again, as a soul and a spirit who are temporarily living in a physical body on Earth. If our body is perceived from higher frequencies, it is seen to be spatial, not solid. We look like walking galaxies. Knowledge was passed on from higher frequencies (4th dimension) people are seen as mutually penetrating, continuously moving energy fields, each having its own frequency. This applies to all levels, so not only within each body but also during all forms of inter-action.

Personare also is a Latin verb meaning ‘sounding through’ and contains the word ‘person’ and therfore meaning ‘sounds that flows through a person’.
We have consciously chosen this name for our Soundcenter as well as our Musical Institute and was founded in 1998.

Personare Phibration® Center  is a center where various disciplines are combined in one center.

All disciplines work from the common base of sound (frequencies and rhythms) and music (Fundamental Universal patterns and relationships).

Incorporated in the center:

  • CymaPhi Center for substatiated & applied universal phibration research, Phibration Alchemy, Education, Art & Self Knowledge
  • Sound Center for Healing based on Nano-and D&A Tuning, Heart Soundfulness, Coaching (private & work related), Lectures & Trainings
  • Musical Institute for Wholistic Music Education, Training in Light Music, Visual Music, Drum Circles, Workshops
  • Universiality Academy for (W)Holistic, Holographic and Higher Dimensional Education for EveryOne at Every age.