Purchase the book ‘Source frequencies deciphered’

Because of the purpose of creating RESONANCE, the price of $ 43.20 is in resonance with 432Hz, the prime Source Frequency of the Music lnscription. 

Because of the continued effort I made over the past sixteen years in order to decipher the Music lnscription, to record all my insights in my book and to assist in the translation of my book into English, I would appreciate if you could ask anyone who shows an interest in my book to go to my website to order his/her own personalized copy.

I thank you and everyone in advance and hope that you will like my page on Facebook. (SourceFrequentles deciphered or Marret Vonhoff). The link to download your personalized copy of the eBook (pdf) will be send to you by email within 48 hours.

Marret Vonhoff.

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