Tuning® a new way of getting in Harmony (Healthy)

What is Quantum Touch®?

Quantum Touch® is a way of Healing discovered and developed by Richard Gordon using (the touch of) your hands to hand out higher frequencies to someone else. Everyone can receive and also learn to help her/himself and others by means of breathing, feeling, visualization, pure intention, touch and consciousness by means of a gentle touch.

We offer 3 levels of Quantum Healing.

  • Quantum Touch®, the method of Richard Gordon
  • Quantum Touch Tuning® we use the ancient tones/colors/forms.
  • Nano Tuning® or Super Quantum Touch Tuning by using the Source Frequencies, their sounding blueprints and their harmonies we reach a very deep level of existence where all exist as consciousness. Here we can activate the process of re-tuning and unification of DNA with RNA. The pure level of Harmony = Health


The price for a Quantum Touch Tuning® treatment is € 38,- incl. VAT and takes 30-45 minutes. (the price of € 38,- resonates with the blueprint of Creation in the Flower of Life) The price for a Nano Tuning treatment ® is € 61,- incl. VAT and takes 45-60 minutes. (the price of € 61,- also resonates with the blueprint of Creation in the Fruit of Life). Payment takes place cash, mobile payment by use of bankcard ar creditcard or via paypal.

Connected to and Resonating with the Universal Law that Energy/Frequency follows focus/intention/attention, we also offer (long) distant Quantum Touch Tuning® (price €19,- incl.VAT) and Nano Tuning® treatment (price €30,50 incl. VAT) with the (Source) Frequencies through use of skype, mail or telephone.

What is Source Frequency Nano- and D&A Tuning®

Nano refers to a level of existence that you might call the ‘underworld of matter’.

This is the ‘nano or sub-quantum‘ territory where consciousness continuously creates and recreates matter.

lt is the place where the four sacred (healing) elements: earth, fire, water and air, present themselves as consciousness and where they place themselves in the service of life in an eternal process.

Without the mutual merging and connection of these four elements, evolution in the physical and material field would not be possible. (Hathor Dimenional Knowledge).   

Nano Tuning® uses Quantum Touch Tuning but is a process of again finding cosmic resonance with our physical through touching our subtle energetic bodies at sub-quantum level by use of the Source Frequencies.

Nano Tuning® is a dynamic sound process that we practice, via a continuously growing consciousness. lt offers full respect for the four sacred elements, for the 7 Source Frequencies and the connection with the Uni-verse.

The human body has an innate self healing capacity. This is re-activated during a session of Nano Tuning® with the help of Source Frequencies.


Because we exist for almost 80% of water and other fluids, frequencies can enter us without detours and can bring us in harmony based on resonance, like the tuning of a symphony orchestra. This tuning is a process and will take place ‘instrument by instrument’ (step by step).

The practice of Nano Tuning® by Marret and/or Wil takes place from the cosmic knowledge and in connection with the 15.000 year old Source Frequencies that have been passed on to us through the sound codes, signs, sounds, rhythms and universl base patterns in the Kudumiyamalai Music lnscription in South India that Marret has been able to decipher.


To us the physical body is a continuously sounding symphony that is completely healthy when everything is tuned and functions in mutual harmony. Unfortunately this is not the case with many humans.

Sickness or a body that is not able to function well shows us that the body and the subtle bodies in these parts are in a state of disharmony. By offering high and pure tuned frequencies, the body (organs, glands, connections, bones, emotions etc.) gets the chance to return to a state of harmony, known as health. Every person that comes for a Quantum Touch Tuning ® or Nano Tuning® treatment is his/her own healer.

The nano tuner offers high and pure (Source) Frequencies, gives every body the space to open up to these frequencies and take in exactly what is needed. Subsequently the body itself leads these frequencies to these places that are in disharmony. Based on resonance the disharmonieus frequencies will rise and finally merge with their original frequency. Disharmony resolves into Harmony. Nano Tuning® will also be of significant value in reharmonizing prolonged blocked emotions or for receiving new insights in Consciousness in this time of large scale transformation.

A Quantum Touch Tuning® or Nano Tuning® treatment is very client friendly, is relaxing and offers insight in the generated harmony in body and mind, without the need to do profound emotional or psychological body werk. Sounds purify without the reasoning of the Mind/Brain. lt is a treatment in which every person is followed in his/her own process and remains ‘captain of his/her own ship’.

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