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Life develops through people who express and design their personal creativity. He who dares to move old boundaries and explores new boundaries gives new energy to himself and to the world! (Book: Souree Frequencies deciphered). Throughout time there have always been hu mans, thinkers, artists, scientists, who sought insights in universal laws and rules and finally they were able to develop new forms and techniques through their creativity. Hazrat lnayat Khan says: ‘Life in a world without insight in the hidden laws of nature (the universe, the Earth) is just like not knowing the language of the country (the world/planet) in which one is barn’. By connecting the insights in these universal rules to personal creativity, new farms arise that enhance life everywhere. Since the developments and new insights in science based increasingly on sound, I will continue to spend much time on research in this branch of science. Alice Bailywrites: ‘the scientist of the future will get results by using sound, because sound will open up a new territory of discovery’. Edgar Cayce already said: ‘music is the medicine oft he future’. For those who are interested, in several chapters of my book Kudumiyamalai Source Frequencies deciphered I have substantiated these quotes and traced back their origin.