Soundsamples book Source Frequencies deciphered

On this page you can watch, hear, feel and even sing-along or drum with the video’s, which are connected to the images mentioned in my book.

In the near future I will make sure that there will be more video’s added to images and that are also tuned in A=432Hz. Unfortunately these kind of video’s aren’t yet tuned in this cosmic frequency but there is already a lot of music available on the web that is converted to a original recorded music (these are the best because of the resonating overtones).

At this moment I am working with three other beauty-full women to bring the Music lnscription back to sound again! With the recording of the Music lnscription we will let go of the Equal Tempered (=manipulated) Tuning to create PURE RESONANCE between Man-Earth-Universe. The main purpose of this ancient Music.

After 16 years of research, travelling around the world, puzzling and finally the creation of my Dutch and English books, this year my dream of making the Music sound again, will come true!

Matrix 4, page 82
The sound of the ratios and frequencies of the Lambdoma.

Image 47, page 88
The sound of the unison and the octave

Image 49, page 89
Listen to the 12 descending Intervals of fifths.

Image 58, page 98
12 fifths of spiral off fifths In Image and sound

Image 61, page 99
Singing and Playing the chromatic (12 tones) scale on the piano.

Image 70a, page 111
The sound of a Monochord.

Image 70b, page 111
The overtone spiral in image and sound

Table 4, page 113
several video’s after eachother show you and let you hear the intervals within this table.

Image 110c, page 173
Listen to, feel and let the Earth rhythm that resonates with the Fibonaccl spiral in nature (3:5:8)
flow through you. Composed by Marret Vonhoff.

Image 115c, page 185
Listen to, feel and let the Moon rhythm that is based n and resonates with the base pattern of a
Hindu temple (dedicated to the God Shiva) flow through you. Composed by Marret Vonhoff.

Table 12, page 192
Listen to and look at the rhythm (ratios) and the sound of the Fibonacci spiral in nature and feel
what it does with you inside.

Image 134c, page 193
Listen to and look at the un-folding of the 7 octaves and the spiral of fifths as well as the
Pythagorean comma.

Image 135b, page 194
Listen to and watch the formation of musical triads from the scale (the major C triad in image
135b is seen at 0:48 mln).

What are forms of expressions of the number 5 and the musical fifth page 205.
Listen to and watch again the video’s of image 49 (page 89); image 70b (page 111) and image 134c
(page 193). All contain the interval of the musical fifth.

Image 158a, page 218
Listen to, feel and let this beauty-full complementary rhythm that is based on, connects and
resonates with the cosmos (12 signs ofthe Zodiac; 12 months of the year, 2×12 hours in a day, 12
(7 white+S black) keys on a piano etc., all vibrating around a center-point the 13th!, flow through
you. Composed by Victor Oskam &: Marret Vonhoff.

Image 192c, page 289
Listen to the explanation and the sound ofthe diatonic (8-tones) scale and the chromatic (12-
tones) scale in keynotes and triades.