The E-book.

    Life develops through people who express and design their personal creativity. He who dares to move old boundaries and explores new boundaries gives new energy to himself and to the world!

    Throughout time there have always been humans, thinkers, artists, scientists, who sought insights in universal laws and rules and finally they were able to develop new forms and techniques through their creativity.

    Hazrat lnayat Khan says: Living in a world without insight in the hidden laws of nature (the universe/ the earthe)  is like not knowing the language of the country (world/planet) where one is born”

    By connecting the insights in these universal rules to personal creativity, new forms arise that enhance life everywhere.

    Since the developments and new insights in science based increasingly on sound, Marret Vonhoff will continue to spend much time on research in this branch that connects and resonates with all other sciences.

    Alice Baily writes:”the scientist of the future will receive her/his results through the use of sounds, because throught sound new fields (dimensions (M.Vonhoff) of discovery will be opened up”.

    Edgar Cayce already said: ‘music is the medicine oft he future’.

    Marret Vonhoff conclusion quote: “All Phibrates inside ONE Note”. (“Quantum Music” ~ Final Assignment Ethno Musicology (Amsterdam, 1997))

    For those who are interested, Marret published a beautiful ebook with in depth insights on Source Frequencies. You can look inside and purchase the E-book here.


    “One small step in sound, One giant step for mankind” ~ Marret Vonhoff

    Personare Phibration Center is a center wherein a Sound Center, Music Institute and Universiality Academy are incorporated in one center.

    Founded by Marret Vonhoff who is driven by all aspects that “All is Frequency”. As a musician, researcher, teacher and lecturer, Marret shares profound knowledge and experience how the entire Universe is resonating and evolving through each and everyone or in other words: Per Sonare (sounding through everyone and everything).

    She is fascinated by the ancient and primordial science & wisdom around sound, source frequencies and the todays possibilities of creating from within and based upon universal frequencies such as #love #light #harmony #compassion and #oneness.

    In her new universiality academy, Marret shares deep and profound universal knowlege on how to apply source frequencies (#432hz #444hz #384hz) in for instance architecture (“sound-building”), the field of medicine (“sound-healing”) and the new education.

    She’s open to meet professionals on all areas open to work together, explore more possibilities, put them into practice so creating Unity in diversity and connectedness.

    “EveryOne & EveryThing resonates and is connected to EveryOne & EveryThing else” ~ Marret Vonhoff