Looking, Reading, Absorbing and Living through Feeling.

Here you can have a look at and feel the flowing of the Multi-Dimensional Source energies in the images and read the first 38 pages of the book. You’ll be able to get a notion of the full content. Realize that all of the content in this book lies coded in this extraordinay, unique and Multi-Dimensional  Source Frequency Inscription and is waiting to help you get connected and in resonance again with all universal frequenties & dimensions of life everywhere. lf you want to have your own personal copy of this wonder(s)-full book, you can scroll down for purchasing.

All is Frequency.

There is something extraordinary, special and very unique going on! The entire Universe resonates and grows through us, through the life that we currently live!


Source frequencies is a book describing a world based on and fully functioning from seemingly invisible vibrating frequency worlds, called dimensions.

This is a very old, universal and above all Multi-Dimensional world that consists of countless layers and in which each layer has its own colors, shapes, rhythms and (top / bottom / bottom) tones.

The Universe has a blueprint that consists entirely of numbers that, just like people, enter into connections, relationships and relationships with each other.

Each number therefore shows itself in the form of a ratio, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and is a frequency with its own pitch / depth, sound and rhythm. Colors, shapes and images are also: flowing music which consists of: frequency, sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, patterns, cycles, energy ….. By focusing on this and letting them in, they will your body, mind and consciousness start to resonate and work. This is pure Quantum / Subquantum level Tuning. (Read more about this on the page. Source frequency Nano & Quantum Touch Tuning >>>)

A book is written using letters that form words. Words form sentences together and have form and cadence. Each sentence consists of a coherent structure, a harmony of frequencies and rhythms. Current science shows that our languages ​​come from our DNA. Russian linguists have discovered that the genetic code, in particular the so-called 90% Junk DNA, follows the same rules as all existing, used and well-known languages. This appears to apply to the rules regarding sentence structure, semantics (meaning) and the basic rules of grammar. This doesn’t surprise me. The Prelude and Creation Power of Language and the Languages ​​of Light: Word frequencies and formulas, has already been announced to us and written about in the John Gospel: “In the beginning the Word was and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And God said “Let there be Light.” Naming and descrihing things using letters is a sacred art.

How can you use the book?

You can use the book as a Multidimensional “Tarot” book and purify not only yourself but also your house with it.

Suggestion 1) On page 10, the Sound image of our HEART chakra vibrates as “Silent Prayer”. This is a message to the reader to read the book with an OPEN HEART in connection with the Center of the (Earth) Crystal of the Flower of Life. (see the Cover and small card) Let pages 8, 9, 10, 26 and 27 enter you very quietly.

Suggestion 2) You don’t have to read the ebook as a book, that is, from the beginning to the end. It is a book in which your own intuition resonating with your heart will guide you. By opening the ebook and putting the ipad loosely between your hands, make connection with your heart, you can then swipe the pages back and forth, releasing the frequency energies. After swiping a few times, see for yourself which “accidental” page shows up. There you will see which vibrating and multi-layered image(s) resonate with you at that specific moment. Your own intuition will lead you to one of the images. Observe the image(s) you are drawn to, breathe it (them) in and let it (them) flow through you until your entire body vibrates (can be very subtle). If you then want to know what the Ancient Source Frequency Inscription provides you with the Higher Dimensional In-Sights about the images, go and read the accompanying text (this is not necessary, but it can deepen your process). Leave the book open on this page until you feel that you want to repeat this process for new In-Sights.

Suggestion 3) You can walk through your house while swiping through the ebook. It will purify the frequency energies and bring them to a higher vibration. In a place where you intuitively feel that it must remain open on a certain page, do this. You will feel when this purification process is finished because you “suddenly” think of it, see it lying or are pulled towards it. No worries about contamination of the book after a cleansing of a place. The only thing you have to do is just swipe it a couple of times again. The frequency energies in the book come from such a High and Pure Dimension that they can never be brought down or polluted by the frequency energies here. They are serving our dimension.

Suggestion 4) Keep in mind that all of the images used in the book are photos (photons or Light energy particles) of continuously vibrating frequency energies. You can visualize within yourself and use them to harmonize yourself and everyONE and everyTHING that surrounds you and you are connected with!

In addition to the information in the book sound samples can be found here on the website. To explore these go to the page Sound Samples Book.

(W)Holy Act.

Naming, describing and imagining through the use of letters is a sacred art. All letters have a numerical and spiritual value. During the writing of the ebook Source frequencies I became very aware of this unique and powerful insight. Since then I start every day with short meditation, tuned to the Source frequencies.

All creation stories about the world that I know report: “Life originated from sound” (Phibration / Frequency / Harmony / Melody / Sound / Rhythm / Energy). In short: Nada Brahma, Life is Sound (Chapter 3)

This ebook is not a narrative book. It contains information that is stored encrypted in the hitherto oldest known Source Frequency Inscription in the world. So it’s actually a ebook about Universal Frequencies! In every word, every image, every number, every form, every color the power of the Frequency Energies from Source vibrates.

All topics in the ebook are about insights into the existence and functioning of a Vibrating Universe. They are stored in the coded information of the Source Frequency Inscription. In order to finally be able to feel the codes = “grasp” and to make them sound again in Sound, Word, Image, I have traveled all over the world to come into contact with indigenous cultures and their insights. They showed me the way to the seemingly invisible world frequencies and deeper into vibrations.

I have built, written and visualized the Multi-Dimensional content of this ‘sounding and continuously vibrating’ book from the 5th / 6th Dimension in Words and with the help of more than 700 images. It contains many layers, each of which offers insights into itself and resonate with Multi-Dimensions.

Together they show and hear completely new harmonies. Every chapter and every word, image, number, form and color is therefore “a Sounding Cosmic Symphony”. Therefore, try to read the content of this ‘sounding, vibrating’ book like the way you absorb with your heart and by doing so let the Source frequencies pass through you like music.

Reading from within the Heart Frequency.

Don’t bother remembering. Our heart understands more than we think and can remember from our head. Our Heart Knows!

As soon as the information has made your heart vibrate, it will based on the Cosmic Law of Resonance, make all the information that lies within vibrate, be released and become perceptible and visible to you in your own way. 

The Cosmic Knowing, which always sleeps in your DNA / RNA and in all your cells, will be awakened from its deep sleep in a Love-full manner. Each of the more than 700 images in the book is the carrier of this vibration.

Your daily life will tune into the Multi-Dimensional Frequencies. Events will occur through the cosmic through resonance and synchronicity. YOU are the creator of your own life and of the world. Which active energetic patterns in the Cosmic Blueprint underlie this, are described in Word, Image and Sound in this book.

Together with the book you will receive an information letter with the above + more tips on how to work with the book.

All “new” insights into this book are from and for all of us. Make it your own journey of life!

I wish everyone a wonderful “sounding” and Uni-versal Discovery journey to your Core, your Multi-Dimensional Self and Life in connection with your own Source frequencies!

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The price of the ebook ($ 43.20) is fully resonating with the universal frequency of Light 432Hz.

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Marret Vonhoff. (author of the book)

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