1998 – 2018!

Personare Sound Center / Personare Music Institute


Source Frequencies

20 years Source Frequencies:
the journey, the discovery, the research & deciphering of the oldest notated Music Inscription in the world by Marret Vonhoff

Light, Energy, Water, Stone, Numbers, Crystals, Sounds, Rhythms, Shapes, All of Nature and the Universes are phenomenons of continuous and eternal processes of pulsation & phibration. They have qualities of higher dimensional Consciousness, possibilities to store information and making The Primordial Sound of Creation visible to us. AUM & LIGHT are ONE and we can absorb them through tuning ourselves into the Source Frequency of Light of 432hz!

Nada Brahma,
All Life and
the whole world
is made of Sound.

Worlds of Light : Music ♫♪♪♪♫

An Afternoon to submerge yourself into and let the Harmony of Unity in Diversity flow through you via a variety of Rejuvenating, Surprising, Cheerful, Enriching, Mind-Silencing, Deepening, Heartwarming & Relaxing Music tuned in the frequency of 432hz.

This afternoon new in-sights into what it is and why music is so appealing to us.

Enjoy and step into a journey, dis-cover the Primordial Power of Music & Amaze yourself about the newest re-discoveries and developments in the field of Music and Source Frequencies.

Music is so much more than recorded notes on paper ~ Marret Vonhoff

Welcome and dive into the dimension of Source Frequencies, the phibrating world of PerSonare!

20 Years! Time to Celebrate! Let’s have a Party! ♪.♫♪.♪.

We are going to celebrate this:

Date: 14th of october 2018 (10-14-2018)

Time: 2 – 8pm (14-18hrs) 

Location: Spant! Theater, Dr.Abraham Kuyperlaan 3, 1402SB, Bussum,The Netherlands (near Amsterdam)

Tickets: € 10,- (<18 year) / € 20,- (>18 year)

(Flyer can be printed after clicking the images on the left)


Program ♪. . ♪ . _ _ . ♪ . . ♪

Rejuvenating & Surprising performances by Jalli Lamin Kuyateh from The Gambia & Students on

  • African Drum
  • Balaphone 
  • Kora

Pause in the TheaterMusicCafé with

  • Cheerful Live Music by Students
  • Kora, Balaphone or Djembé Workshop for who likes to try it
  • Source Frequencies visible in form, Exhibition/Sale of products

Theaterlecture “Worlds of Light : Music” by Marret Vonhoff withEnriching, Mind-Silencing Source Frequency music, rhythms from the 15,000 year old Music Inscription & deepening singing

After Party with Heartwarming & Relaxing Live Music by Students

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