Source Frequencies: Audible in Sound, Word & In Sight

Interactive Lecture

Be your own Tuning fork and create the Symphony of your own Life ~ Marret Vonhoff

In the Beginning was Phibration, was AUM, was Frequency, was the Word, the Sound, ….was Light. ~ Marret Vonhoff

AUM Phibration In Sight

Interactive Lectures New Style. What does that mean?

* Every Interactive Source Frequency Lecture is fully aligned with the very latest up-to-date in-sights.

* Each Lecture goes deeply into and gives many in-sights into the daily influx and significance of the Great Cosmic Light / Phibration Field into our Earth Field & into our Own Energy Field.

Because of this we are consciously or still unconsciously in a continuous retuning of our own (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic) Frequencies which stimulate us to Wake up.

* During each lecture we actively exchange with each other to purify, increase and strengthen this Frequency Energy Field. Synergy of the Highest Order will take place. 1 + 1 = inPhinite ♫ ♪ ∞ ♪ ♫

Contribute your phiibrating stone, actively participate and connect together in the process of “The Great Awakening in the 5th Dimension”

Interactive Lecture Source frequencies: Audible in Sound, Word & In Sight

In the beginning is Phibration, is AUM, is the Word, the Sound, the Phibrating Image. In the Word is the eternally vibrating Primordial Sound, the power of Universal Light & Love Frequencies.

Sound contains the power of Creation, the power to create Form. Sound is the Key to a Harmonious World tuned to a Higher Dimension of Love, Beauty, Truth, Souvereignty, Self Creativity and above all to ENJOY Life.

Through the knowledge of and in-sights into the underlying and shaping world of phibrations, visible & tangible in Everything, we will be able to give our world, our life a new direction and a new shape. ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

What you think or speak or do ….. We are the Creators of our Own Life, of our Own Reality!

In-sight into the operation of the 5th Dimension.

In this interactive lecture on Source Frequencies, Marret Vonhoff takes everyone back to the Origin of Life, which started from and is maintained by “Phibration, AUM, the Word, the Light”.

  • Throughout the world, original cultures refer to “the Word” and “the Voice.”
  • What have we been told since the birth of life?
  • What does insight in this give us? (New!! Live Cymatic Recording of different Source Frequencies)
  • What does the reference to our voice tell us?
  • What is the manual for this?
  • What is the message, the information that vibrates in “The Word” and thus in “the Voice” for this time of Awakening in the 5th Dimension?

A common and uncontrollable urge to create a Hamonious, Color-FULL, world based on and filled with LOVE is what people around the world binds and brings together.

The new age with the new 5th dimensional frequency energies give us an inphinite backup, support and reinforcement to get this done. The most important key to realize this is that We Are the Creators! We make it possible together!!!

In this interactive lecture, we discover the world of phibrations, a world that is new to us, but actually very normal. You GET A KEY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE UNFOLDING OF THE GREAT AWAKENING in an efficiently and decisively way.

With every influx of daily high-vibrating Light Source Frequency eEergies, the Path of Awakening reveals to us daily new and higher insights.

Stay tuned!


Phibration is the Core, the Origin of Everything and precedes Frequency. Frequency precedes and contains Sound and Rhythm. Sound and Rhythm precede and jointly create the Word that says (= creates): “Let there be Light”.

The coming together of Phibration, Frequency, Sound, Rhythm and the utterance of the Word creates Form, creates Our Reality, our World, our Life!

How aware are we and what do we know about the greatness of our the powers of Creation?

Together we can create a world of Harmony, Beauty, Truth, Sovereignty, Love and Unity in Connectedness. It is in our hands !!!

The Key to this Realization lies in the discovery of the operation of Phibration. Vibration expressed as Word with a Primordial Sound is the foundation of everything. It has a Golden Relationship with the Universal frequency of 432hz of Light. Both possess the transforming power that brings us back to the Unity in Connectedness.

In this interactive lecture, discover the world of phibrations that is new to us but actually very normal and get A KEY to participate and contribute efficiently and decisively to the Path of the Great Awakening. With every influx of high-vibrating Light Source Frequency energies, the Path of Awakening reveals new and higher insights to us daily.

Stay tuned!

In the interactive 2nd part it is possible to walk the 432hz Labyrinth that will activate, strengthen and anchor the Sound, Word & In Sight Frequency Energies in your Energy bodies.

The Lecture can be attended in the Netherlands or will become available in September 2020 (more info will follow)