Source Frequencies® Blueprint of Life expressed in Sound

Interactive Lecture

If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, vibration and energy ~ Nikola Tesla ♫♪♫♪♫

In the lecture “Source frequencies: Blueprint of Life expressed in Sound”, Marret Vonhoff takes everyone on an in-depth journey to the dimension where the cosmic blueprint of life, the sounding Flower of Life, originates. On the basis of the codes recorded in the old Source Frequency Inscription, she will show the Unity in Diversity, the Harmony, between the Flower of Life, Light, Sound and Sacred (= Healing) Geometry. Deep insight encourages and strengthens in us the power of Transformation and the Great Awakening in the 5th Dimension.

At the basis of everything created is an energetic, continuously flowing light frequency blueprint that is known as the Flower of Life. This pattern has already been used by cultures that lived far before our historiography on Earth. It is now being found all over the world.

The 15,000 year old Source Frequency Inscription is a unique, extraordinary sound-recorded, coded Flower of Life in which all insights are coded for consciously coming into resonance with our multi-dimensional primal jump.

Open your Eyes and get to know the invisible world of sound, energy and phibrations that is made visible by the CymaPhiScope. Learn to see the deep & deep connection of the All and come and experience and breathe in this breathtaking world.

During this reading in-depth journey we will be able to see the eternal beating Heart, Hunab’Ku, the Oneness and the “One-Being” of the 7 + 1 Source frequencies and the Flower of Life. We can hear the Pulse of it, feel it in ourselves and consciously start living from it. It will accelerate, deepen, and forever awaken our process of Transformation, reconnecting and restoring the “One Being” in the Source frequencies. ♪ ♪.

We travel to the depths of:

  • Heart of the Milky Way / Hunab’Ku / The time of the 6th Sun.
  • 432hz
  • Growth spiral (Fibonacci) of life in vibrating images (New: Live images using CymaPhi device !!!)
  • The energetic formation of the Flower of Life arising from sound
  • Yin / Yang / Yuan
  • 7 + 1 elements

In the interactive 2nd part we will translate this sounding blueprint of life together into a joint soundbath experience. There is also a possibility to further activate, reinforce and anchor the Six-Star Frequency Energies of your Merkaba Energy body by walking the 432hz Labyrinth of Light & Love.

The Lecture can be attended in the Netherlands or will become available in September 2020 (more info will follow)