What is Resonance?

Resonance is a Cosmic Law, an energetic unifying force on which the cosmos works. Other cosmic forces include Gravity, Electro weak and strong forces, Light forces. It has now been demonstrated that all these forces are essentially nothing but vibrations and therefore have demonstrable, distinct frequencies.

Thanks to the law of resonance, we know that everything in the Universe communicates with each other through these vibrations. All objects and all living things, as well as all organs and cells in our body, have their own vibration and can be distinguished from each other through a unique vibration signature. You can imagine this as a fingerprint or signature but then in the form of a sound vibration.

Resonance comes from the InPhinitivus, the entire verb Resonation which means “sound back, resound and also vibrate.” An entire verb is a word that bears and displays the sound or vibration signature of the Whole or the All and is eternally at work or in motion.

What sounds back, what sounds, what vibrates?

We recognize resonance through the piano: if we strike a tone on the piano, all the strings that resonate with the struck tone are also made to vibrate. All strings that are in an octave relation (all tones that vibrate 2x as high or so low or on a multiple of 2 with the struck tone) start to sound along with the struck sound.

An example of this can be found in the 15,000-year-old Source Frequency Inscription. How does the Cosmic Law of Resonance work in this?

The Source Frequency Inscription resonates with the Golden and Universal Phi Spiral that flows through the recorded sounds. The Inscription covers an area of ​​210 cm: 340 cm, a ratio of 21:34. This is a golden ratio that resonates with the Harchakra, with our DNA, with nature (sunflowers). The 2432 recorded and coded sounds and 7 rhythms possess the power to open, balance and reconnect the yin / yang frequencies of the Hart Chakra with all other sleeping energetic power points. (pic. page 10 book Source frequencies)

Another resonance lies in the morphic field (energy field in the form of a torus, donut or bagel bread) that exists around everything that exists and keeps everything in shape. Under the rock where the oldest Source Frequency Inscription in the world is engraved is an active Source present. It continuously resonates with all energetic places of power on Earth and with all morphic fields down to the deep Space.


Under the power place of the Source Frequency Inscription there is also an energetic 7-fold Labyrinth in which the special energies of the Source flow with very high quality thermal water. The Source from which this thermal water comes lies in the Heart of the Labyrinth and creates there by means of. vortexing water (vortices). These in turn are in resonance contact with the Labyrinths in the world and respond to all the water on Earth and all vortexes in the Universes.

Another resonance which for this time of the “Great Awakening or Great Transformation” between the Source Frequency Inscription and the Great Cosmic Year cycle of 25,920 years.

On December 21, 2012 there is for the Earth and all life on and in her and a cosmic open in the Universa. This moment has been written down or transmitted orally by very many original peoples and philosophers through the ages. At that time a cosmic alignment or resonance occurred between The Heart of Mother Earth, The Heart of the December 21 Sun and the Heart of the Milky Way. Since that time, the Light Source frequencies have gradually increased in intensity.

On 11-11-11 (November 11, 2018 => 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11) at 11: 11 am the process to fully open this port started.

On 3:3:3 (March 21, 2019 => 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12) it is for the 3rd time in the month of March that a frequency energy of 3: 3: 3 (21-3-12) takes place. This 3rd time took place after the unique moment of the Spring Equinox and full Super Moon. During this moment the gate has been opened for the entire Earth!

How can we imagine that?

You can imagine this as the feeling that you are completely unexpected (= still unaware of what is to come) looking into your Great Love or Twin Soul. You are literally blown off your socks! A True Fertilization site takes place in shared energy fields, accompanied by a Flash of Light. The energy fields together form a Vesica Piscis from which a Higher Common, New Third Frequency Energy arises.

Why is that happening now?

Our Solar System has been in the photon belt again for 12,960 years. Photons are unprecedentedly high vibrating Light particles that cause the Frequencies and thus the Consciousness of all Life to evolve into a Higher Dimension. In India, the history of the Earth is divided into eras called Yugas. This duration of these eras fully resonate with 432hz Light Source Frequency of the entire Universe. The last era is known as Kali Yuga, which means Dark or Dark. This 432,000 year Yuga has now come to an end! More resonances can be read and felt in the book Source Frequencies >>>