Source Frequencies Lectures and Trainings

Under the name ‘Music as a basic pattern for …: Lectures & Training will be given in the area of:

  • The New Education: Follow the New Learning Path of the Heart
  • Music education
  • Music & Cosmos
  • Music in the visual arts
  • Cosmic insights from ancient cultures
  • Sound technology
  • Source frequencies: frequencies of creation and the sounding Flower of Life
  • The Source Frequency DNA of Life
  • Source Frequency Medicine ~ Quantum Touch Tuning: Bring yourSelf back into Harmony
  • Sound architecture and the pyramid of Giza
  • Architecture of the Cosmos: Design from the Source frequencies with the basic pattern of the Flower of Life
  • Pythagoras and the music of the spheres
  • Sacred geometry and golden ratio
  •  Economy and Society in this time
  • DNA healing based on frequencies
  • The image of man
  • In the Beginne …… the Word was ….
  • Create your own harmonizing Art
  • The musical nature
  • Labyrinth, way to our Multi-dimensional Core: the Heart of our Milky Way
  • Drawing, feeling and working with labyrinths
  • The world as a number: the living consciousness of numbers

All subjects are enclosed in the hitherto cosmic and universal Source Frequency Inscription. They are written down and can be read in the ebook Source frequencies >>.