Source Frequencies® New Light Energies during Easter

Interactive Lecture

The Truth will set U Free ~ Master Jesus/Sananda

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Interactive Source Frequency Lecture during the celebration of the New Light Energies of Easter (Goddess Ostara/Goddess of Sun Rise/ The New Light Frequency Energies)

The spiraling way at the yearly re-turn of the moment of Resurrection.

Since the Great Alignment between Mother Earth, the 21st december Sun and the Heart of the Galaxy on 12-21-2012, as described and prophesized by many Ancient Cultures, the veil that was placed around our Consciousness has become thinner every year.

People from all over the world are, conscious or less conscious, in a state of awakening. This can be translated to the letting go of the (small) ego as being your counselor or even your master to follow.

Every-one is reconnecting to their Higher Self and in the proces of redis-covering of the powerful creators we are!

This is the proces that many know as “The Great Awakening”

Equal to each year’s awakening of nature in spring after a deep winter sleep, our Consciousness is awakening after a deep sleep (=being unconscious) of 12,960 year.

During this interactive Source Frequency Lecture Marret Vonhoff will take everyone back to the true meaning of Resurrection which relates to and is the “Great Awakening of the Human Consciousness”. We will consciously tune into the New Light Source Frequencies so we can activate, absorb, assimilate and use her power to stimulate and speed up our proces of awakening.

The Source Frequencies of the Exodus/Crucifixion will be directed to and amplified with those of the Resurrection. Together as a New Whole they will lead the way to finding, opening of the New, Promised Land, the New Light Frequency or Dimension.

The Source Frequency Flame of Resurrection consists of a transforming energy of healing within all layers. This Frequency Flame will help us enter the New Light of Fifth Dimensional Concsiousness on Earth.

Illuminated in this Lecture will be the deepened in-sights in the realms of:

  • What is the Source Frequency Flame of Resurrection?
  • What are her qualities?
  • How can we use her?
  • What is the veil?
  • What are the Source Frequencies and qualities of the 5th Dimension?
  • How can we use & share them during Easter and through the time of the “Great Awakening”?

During the 2nd part we will activate the New LightSource Frequencies of Resurrection in a Bath of Sound that we will create together.