Source Frequencies: New Light Energies during Pentecost

Celebration & Interactive Lecture

If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. ~ Sananda & Nada

Interactive Source Frequency Reading tailored to the celebration of the New Light Energies of Pentecost.

The spiraling way of the annual moment of completion of the Light frequency energies during Pentecost

Pentecost is the completion of the Easter season. Easter falls every year after the start of Spring (Equinox) on the Sunday after the 1st Full Moon. It heralds a period of 50 days. 50 is a number with a frequency energy of complete redemption, freedom and abundance or: of purity, ready for new creation!

The start of the Easter season is during the Equinox. This is the moment in the year in which Day & Night lasts Even-Long, is perfectly balanced and radiates harmony.
40 days after Easter Sunday the Ascension takes place and 10 days later, on the 50th day, Pentecost or Penté kosté (fiftieth).

The Easter time is a time period in which every year the power of the Light Frequency Energies for the preceding year is consciously activated for 50 (49 + 1) days on Earth. On the 50th day, which is musically the completion of 7 octaves (7 × 7 tones) and at the same time the beginning of an 8th Octave in a New Dimension, life (= consciousness) awakens from its ‘sleep’. Herein lies the Parable or Resonance with the new awakening of creative powers in nature, man and cosmos, which recur every year.

At this moment, Powerful Light Frequency Energies are flowing daily in large quantities over the Earth but also into the Earth and Humanity. Pink Star is the symbol loaded with the Frequency Energy of the annually recurring Times of Times. This turning point has to do with the “Great Awakening of Humanity in the 5th Dimension”. The New Light Frequency Energies are unparalleledly powerful right now to excite Humanity as a whole to wake up. In this way everyone can consciously & actively participate in the process of this Unique and Extraordinary Large and Universal Transformation.

  • What is the pure and original meaning of Pentecost?
  • What does it tell us about the Time of Transformation in 2019?
  • How far do the transformation forces reach that work in the Frequency of the number 50 and the frequency of 50 Hz? (New: Live images using CymaPhi device !!!)
  • How far does the Great Awakening reach?
  • Which source frequencies are active around Pentecost?
  • Where do we see and what do we notice of these unrivaled powerful 5D Light Source frequencies?
  • How can we control our own process in this?

In the interactive 2nd part we will together create and activate the Source frequencies of the New Light Frequency Energies in ourselves in a collective sound bath for the benefit of the Great Whole. There is also a possibility to anchor these New Light Frequency Energies in your Energy bodies by walking the 432hz Labyrinth of Light & Love.

The Lecture can be attended in the Netherlands or will become available in 2020 (more info will follow)