Source Frequencies® New Summer Solstice Light Energies

Interactive Lecture June 22, 2019

“If your Eye is undivided your whole body will be full of light” ~ Sananda

Interactive Source Frequency Lecture tuned to the upcoming celebration of the New Light Energies of Summer Sun Solstice/ The New Light Frequency Energies)

The spiraling way at the yearly re-turn of the moment of Summer Solstice

During this interactive Source Frequency Lecture Marret Vonhoff will take everyone back to the true tuning into the Source Frequencies of the New Summer Solstice Light

First we follow the spiral back into the history of Earth to the moment of the Summer Solstice

Nothing happens without a reason. Everything serves a higher purpose and has a multidimensional meaning.

In-sight in the higher and true meaning of these crucial events in the evolution of Earth (= our human evolution) will lead us to get in resonance with the Source Frequencies of the New Light Energies during the times of the “Great Awakening” we are in now. The Source Frequencies of the New Light Energies during Summer Solstice are active and powerful as they have been never before. Why now?

Illuminated in this Lecture will be the deepened in-sights in the realms of:

  • The role which the Source Frequencies play during these times of the “Great Awakening”
  • The true meaning of the proces of the “Great Awakening”
  • The reason why we 
  • How the Source Frequencies were used through history
  • How we can use the Source Frequencies in the best way during Summer Solstice and in this time of the “Great Awakening”

During the 2nd part we will activate the New LightSource Frequencies of Exodus/Crucifixion in a Bath of Sound that we will create together.