Source Frequencies, the mystery of the 432hz in the Great Pyramid

Interactive Lecture

The Truth will set Us Free ~ Sananda & Nada

2019: The year of Awakening in the 5D Frequency Energies

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most mysterious structures in the history of the earth.

Countless thinkers, philosophers and scientists have been occupied with this Diamond over the centuries.

In recent decades many new insights have come to the fore about the function of the Great Pyramid as an Energy Power Station and Library. In particular, the discoveries, inventions and creations of Nikola Tesla appear to be based on insights that correspond to the Inner, Outer and Underground Architecture of this World Wonder. It is also becoming increasingly known to many that the Great Pyramid was a place where Initiations and Contact with Higher / Other Dimensions took place and are still taking place.

I too have been involved with the Great Pyramid since 1997 because of the fascination surrounding the mystery of Sound-based Blueprint and Architecture. It should therefore come as no surprise that it became clear to me that the Great Pyramid also played a key role in substantiating the reverse of the voice frequency from 440hz to 432hz. Since the end of the 20th century, “waking up or becoming aware” of humanity has given rise to an ever more powerful and larger movement that investigates and discusses this imposed change of the standard tone frequency.

  • What insights and keys are stored in this Mysterious Building of “Frozen Music” (J.W. von Goethe)?
  • Which Primary Role do the Sound, Frequency and Phibration instructions stored in the Great Pyramid play in the creation of the “Great Moment of Awakening” of Humanity in the 5th Dimension? (New: Live images using CymaPhi device !!!)

Marret Vonhoff will address these questions from the angle of the frequencies encoded in this Master Building. The Sound instructions are waiting for the moment that they can be reactivated.

For 20 years, Marret has followed a route of Sound Indications to arrive at the decoding of the oldest (15,000+ years) Source Frequency Inscription in the world. The Great Pyramid and other Pyramids in the world. The Great Pyramid, the Pyramid in Teotihuacan, Chitzen Itza, Uxmal, Bosnia, China, Angkor Wat, Boroburdur but also Stonehenge, Carnac and many other places are built on Phibration / Frequency Energies that resonate with the Source frequencies encoded in the oldest Source Frequency Inscription to be. The purpose of this sound basis is to offer insights, information and the possibility of reestablishing a connection with the Multiverse and Multidimensional Consciousness.

“Everything is One and One is Everything”.

During the interactive 2nd part of the lecture we will activate the frequencies in the Great Pyramid that are derived from the voice tone or key frequency of 432hz in ourselves and with each other in a joint sound bath to be created. There is also the possibility of walking the 432hz Labyrinth to reinforce and anchor these Pyramid Frequency Energies, in particular the octahedron (double, mirrored pyramid shape) in your Energy bodies.

The Lecture can be attended in the Netherlands or will become available in September 2020 (more info will follow)