Source Frequencies® Visible in Form

Interactive Lecture

If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being music everywhere. ~Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

In this Lecture “Source Frequencies visible in form” Marret Vonhoff takes everyone on a journey to the invisible world of underlying, inner frequencies that were made visible for us in architecture, in nature, in our physical body, in our DNA and in the Flower of Life. Recognition, experience, connection and application of the Source Frequencies will lead everyone to the opening of the doors into Higher Consciousness. 

In this introductory interactive lecture, Marret Vonhoff takes you to:

  1. the invisible world of underlying / deep-lying inner, continuously vibrating Source frequencies.
  2. the visible forms of expression in nature, in DNA, in the body, in structures and symbols.

From the Source flow all visible and invisible frequencies that created all natural and man-made forms (flowers, plants, trees, animals, cathedrals, pyramids, stone circles, caves, labyrinths, mazes, crop circles and many other forms) and these also maintain.

Look around and discover, recognize, experience, connect, apply and marvel at the visible manifestations of the Source frequencies that lead to the opening of doors to Higher Consciousness.

The shape (surrounding) (8Hz, 108Hz), luminous (4322) and energy generating forces (4324) of sound are rediscovered for use in the run-up to and during the Great Transformation into the 5th Dimension.

In the interactive 2nd part we will activate together the Source frequencies Visible in Form in our energy bodies and share them in a joint sound bath to be created. There is also a possibility to strengthen and anchor the activated Geometric and Flower of Life Frequency Energies in your Energy bodies by walking the 432hz Labyrinth of Light & Love.

The Lecture can be attended in the Netherlands or will become available in September 2020 (more info will follow)