One small step for (a) man, One giant step for mankind.

Neil Armstrong

I notice that I use similar words when I speak with people a bout the Vosmic Key Frequency of 432 Hz.

One small step in frequency, One giant step for mankind.

M. Vonhoff
Ethno Musicologist

A small step in choosing Divine Frequencies possesses an inPhinite amount of power in order to take the road towards the creation of a Divine & Harmonious World. Starting with the Source Frequency and shape of 432 Hz you will experience the power that is released by the Universal Light Source.

The step into retuning your music to 432Hz lies so close by is such a small one. The cosmic experience is so Majestic that at first people cannot believe that it is just a matter of a “small” retuning. What is becoming more and more visible in this period of time, through the discovery and the surfacing of knowledge from old cultures, is the knowledge of sound and use of frequencies. By retuning music music to 432hz you retune yourself into its resonating frequency energy fields. And those fields are of Cosmic Proportions. 

Form, color, language, light, numbers, emotions and health etc., all have their own sound signature and distinguish themselves on the basis of their frequency. Through insight, experience and working with sound (phibration/frequencies/music/rhythms) new doors will be opened and cosmic knowledge can be gained.

Photo: Marret Vonhoff Yosemite Park USA 2018

If you learn about Phibration, you’ll learn everything there is to know” ~ Edgar Cayce (edited M. Vonhoff)

432hz is the frequency of the pure white light and of unconditional love.

The speed of light in miles / sec. is almost equal to the square of 432 or 432 multiplied by itself! The cymascope (a device that makes shape of sound waves visible) has clearly demonstrated the Oneness between 432 Hz and all its related frequencies through its shape. It also clearly showed the Oneness of 432 hz and the speed of Light (4322 ~ 186,624 miles / sec in a vacuum at 0,01% accuracy).

The Force of 432: Fireworks during Conception.

All life is Light Energy and formed by Light frequencies. With the emergence of a new life, a Light Flash or Lightning bolt appears in the nano moment (referred to by science as the moment of singularity) when conception, the fusion of egg and sperm cell, in the amniotic water takes place.

When a Frequency is sent through an air bubble in (amniotic) water, an Energie (E = mc2) blast emerges which creates Light (= 4322 hz). Scientific tests have proven that this is what happens at the moment of conception that leads to the forming of New Life.

“The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters and spoke the inaudible Word (Frequency): Let there be Light and there was Light” or New Life”

Without this Light (flash) moment there is no fertilization and no new life!

It is this Light Flash in (amniotic) water that ensures that shape, color, language, light, numbers, emotions, crystals, vitamins, minerals, cells ….. and health etc. all have their own sound signature (a signature in sound) and distinguish themselves on the basis of their frequency and resonant upper / lower tones. Through insight into, experiencing and working with sound (Phibration/ frequencies / music/ rhythms / light / form / color / emotions/ thoughts/ words …), new doors will open, new discoveries will take place and new higher-dimensional knowledge can be gathered.

If you resonate with the cosmos by tuning into the Source Frequencies, your entire life and through your frequency energy field, everyone in your environment will start responding very positively.

You will wonder in what way? Here are a few examples:

  • Your own life will start to show harmony.
  • Your own life will start showing (cosmic) synchronicities
  • Your body will follow the path of health (= be in harmony).
  • You will start seeing everything phibrate and resonate.
  • The great (cosmic) coherence of everything in life will become visible step by step.
  • Your own core (intuition) and life’s path will become clear.
  • You will stay centered in your own core no matter what happens around you.

These are just some points from my own inphinite and unimaginable experiences that will become visible in everyone’s life.

There is a lot of information on the internet about the origin, introduction and functioning of 432 Hz. The only thing I want to say about that is to always read in resonance with your own heart / feeling. It will tell you if it is good for you to absorb the information or tells you to look for further information. Start asking Questions and the Answers Will Be Given to you!

I have read much of the information and observed within myself what it had to say to ME. The text above about the 432 Hz power is only a small part of my experience in my own life based on insights and cosmic blueprints written down in the E-book Source Frequencies >

During all interactive and deepening Source Frequency Lectures, the 432hz Source Frequency will be the comme theme and available soon as Video Lectures. More about this can be read on the page Source Frequencies Lectures >

For fast & easy retuning of your music go to the website of 432player