Light Source Frequency Lecture: 432 Hz, at the Focal Point

Focus: Everything vibrates in One Point – Dis-covering of this 432 Hz Frequency Point.

Date of Release – Video Lecture
Fall 2020.
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Since the beginning of March, the world has passed through the cosmic door and has entered a gigantic acceleration that had already been announced in all ancient rock paintings and writings.

2020 is the year of pure judgment by obtaining truth that comes to and comes into the light.

This ensures for me a continuous adjustment of my focus which is completely in tune with what the Source frequency energies awaken in the whole world. The content of each Source Frequency lecture will therefore always be adjusted in focus where necessary.

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The Universe speaks a Language of Source Frequencies ~ Marret Vonhoff

All insights are from the oldest known Source Frequency Inscription (17,000> years BC). It is a cosmic frequency language encoded in the form of music that can help harmonize ourselves, the world in which we now live as well as help during the restoration of Harmonic Connection with “the rest” of all realities.

If you like you have a look at the ebook Source Frequencies here >>>

2020: The year of the Great Awakening into the 5D Frequency Energies

WWW: We are Waking Up
in a New Dimension of Harmony:
Unity in Connectedness! ~M. Vonhoff

One small step for (a) man, One giant step for mankind.

One small step in frequency, One giant step for mankind.

One small step in frequency retuning has infinite power to create a world full of HARMONY.

It is the power that is released by tuning ourselves, our music and our world to cosmic frequencies, starting with the voice frequency and visual form of 432 Hz.

The step to raise your own resonance with 432 Hz is so close and so small that people cannot believe this. The importance and the greatness of this Light Source Frequency® is still insufficiently believed and let alone applied. What in this time, through the discovery and emergence of knowledge from ancient cultures, is becoming increasingly visible is the knowledge of light & sound, or timbre.

The Cosmic Light is rapidly entering the Consciousness of people to help awaken humanity. Our solar system, and therefore also our planet and all of us, have entered a part of the universe in recent years that is known as “the photon belt.” Photons are Divine Light particles that vibrate at a gigantic high frequency. EVERYTHING reacts to these light particles through the cosmic law of resonance. The consequence of this is that literally EVERYTHING in frequency = Being-conscious, will increase and will come back into Harmony with the Divine Light.

This is not a new but a recurring cyclical phenomenon. Every 12,960 years (Half of a Platonic or Great Year of 25,920 years) our solar system passes through the photon belt and is located therein for around 2160 years (Platonic Month). However, every time our solar system is in the photon belt, all life undergoes Transmutation and makes a leap into Consciousness. This time there is talk from Higher Dimensions about making a Quantum leap in Consciousness.

  • 432hz is the frequency of the pure white light and of unconditional love.
  • The Force of 432: Fireworks during Conception.
  • Without this Light (flash) moment there is no fertilization and no new life!

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