432 Hz, Sacred Sound Geometry
– Insights into & Manifesting from the 5D Harmonic Resonance Field.

Date of Release – Online Videolecture: Spring 2022

Since December 21, 2012 the world has gone through the cosmic door and gained a tremendous momentum. In March 2020 this became visible and tangible for everyone on Earth. December 2012 and the rollout of the timeline have been on since that time, had already been announced in many ancient rock art (including the 17,000+ year old Source Frequency Inscription) and writings.

We are in the MOST IMPORTANT PHASE of an Aeons long NATURAL, SPIRAL, CONSCIOUSLY CREATED, COSMIC TIMELINE where the frequency energies of the past need to become Conscious and Purged in the present. The layers of impure frequency energies stored in ourselves invisible come to and in the LIGHT.

Only in the here and now can they become conscious. Through this the process of cleaning, healing and harmonizing in and by ourselves can start.

We are Light Frequencies. We create our reality through LightFrequencies. Everything is Frequency! What this means is being (re)discovered by us in the here and now. We are the zero point, the still point in a 3-dimensional polar reality. This reality unfolds daily within the organic, energetic frequency-boundaries of the holographic octave. Think of the image of Russian Dolls. Every doll fits into the one that is one size bigger.

The illusion of the separate, unconnected 3rd Dimensional Tornade is increasing in power in and around us. This is a direct result of the increase in Lightfrequencies that can enter our dimension again. The Lightfrequency of Connecting in Consciousness is constantly expanding and the spirals of Light are accelerating in their spread throughout the world. This means that Humanity is Awakening in Consiousness more and more at a high pace. Our time was known by indigenous people as: The Great Awakening.

We can BE in this illusion by MOVING from our inner still point – the Eye of the storm. This is the 3rd POINT in a Polar (2 poles) Reality where 3=1 and 1=3. It is the point where everyone connects with:

  • non judgment
  • holistic insights
  • higher consciousness
  • contact with your dimensional selves
  • unconditional love

It is the point where I = You = He/She/It = We = You = They, Are ONE.
Where We Are 1 We Are All

Insights in the 432hz video lectures come from the Cosmic Heart where 7 distinct and inseparable frequencies of lightfrequencies/ creation- and consciousnessenergies are continuously at service of each of us for healing, insights, empowerment, creation, sovereignty and trust in the Universal Timeline that is now unfolding in every persons life. Life is not “happening” to you and we no longer let ourselves be used as a toy but step by step we are becoming conscious of the power to create our lives ourself.

What kind of life and reality are you creating?

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Password will be in the receipt of your payment that you receive by mail.

All insights are from the oldest known Source Frequency Rockinscription (17,000> years BC). It is a cosmic frequency language encoded in the form of music that can help harmonize ourselves, the world in which we now live as well as help during the restoration of Harmonic Connection with “the rest” of all realities.

If you like you have a look at the ebook Source Frequencies here >>>

Whatever you think or speak or do … We are the Creators of our Own Life and of the New 5D Reality! ~ Marret Vonhoff

2020: The year of the Great Awakening into the 5D Frequency Energies

WWW: We are Waking Up
in a New Dimension of Harmony:
Unity in Connectedness! ~M. Vonhoff

Already in 1922 Alice Bailey wrote that: “the scientist of the future will obtain his results through the use of sound. Through sound (Source frequencies) new areas of discovery will be opened “. The future she wrote about is NOW!

In the 1930s, Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would become the healing method of the future (= NOW).

Sound is the key to opening a new reality of the 5th dimension as well as the corresponding new frequencies of the 5th chakra, the new chakra for creation and manifestation.

There is an immanent, shaping, shaping and at the same time transcental, Sacral Geometric field of phibrations that are becoming increasingly visible. It is the foundation of everything there is.

This field reacts by resonance to our thoughts, emotions, words and consciousness. From this inseparable connection we ensure the creation and maintenance of the world in which we live and continuously create ourselves.

Through insight into and knowledge of this fibrous reality we will consciously create our world, our life and at the same time be able to manifest every (un) imaginable form in pure Harmony with the Earth.

As soon as the eyes are open, this world of phibrations can be recognized in everything.


In the video lecture various DO IT YOURSELF instructions will be given. The most powerful way to open yourself to the Quantum Leap in Consciousness is the way of DOING IT YOURSELF.


Whenever you feel like it, pause the video to quietly take in the image or content. Meditate on and visualize an image that moves you. Choose your own route in absorbing the video reading.

It is possible to watch this video lecture 3 times. The password you receive after payment is valid for 6 months and can be used on 4 devices. So it is now possible to watch each reading not just once, but 3 times, let it pass through you and discover that each time you watch it again, the insights and frequency energies will touch and awaken deeper layers within you.

At this moment the lectures will only be offered in Video form. There is a plan to organise gatherings in which everyone who feels connected to the insights the LightSource Frequencies give, can meet each other and together strengthen the Universal Earth Frequencies.

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