Light Source Frequency Lecture: 432 Hz, Sacred Sound Geometry

Focus: Insight into & Manifesting from the 5D Source Frequency Phibrational Field.

Date of Release – Video Lecture
November 2020.
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Since the beginning of March, the world has passed through the cosmic door and has entered a gigantic acceleration that had already been announced in all ancient rock paintings and writings.

2020 is the year of pure judgment by obtaining truth that comes to and comes into the light.

This ensures for me a continuous adjustment of my focus which is completely in tune with what the Source frequency energies awaken in the whole world. The content of each Source Frequency lecture will therefore always be adjusted in focus where necessary.

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Whatever you think or speak or do … We are the Creators of our Own Life and of the New 5D Reality! ~ Marret Vonhoff

All insights are from the oldest known Source Frequency Inscription (17,000> years BC). It is a cosmic frequency language encoded in the form of music that can help harmonize ourselves, the world in which we now live as well as help during the restoration of Harmonic Connection with “the rest” of all realities.

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2020: The year of the Great Awakening into the 5D Frequency Energies

WWW: We are Waking Up
in a New Dimension of Harmony:
Unity in Connectedness! ~M. Vonhoff

Ingredients for this Source Frequency Lecture are: the “invisible”, eternally fibrating reality with which we communicate anytime, anywhere based on resonance. With the help of live cymatics images (cymatics: science that makes sound visible), Marret Vonhoff will make the 5D Sacral Geometric Sound-Reality visible and experienceable in an interactive part of the lecture.

Already in 1922 Alice Bailey wrote that: “the scientist of the future will obtain his results through the use of sound. Through sound (Source frequencies) new areas of discovery will be opened “. The future she wrote about is NOW!

In the 1930s, Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would become the healing method of the future (= NOW).

Sound is the key to opening a new reality of the 5th dimension as well as the corresponding new frequencies of the 5th chakra, the new chakra for creation and manifestation.

There is an immanent, shaping, shaping and at the same time transcental, Sacral Geometric field of phibrations that are becoming increasingly visible. It is the foundation of everything there is.

This field reacts by resonance to our thoughts, emotions, words and consciousness. From this inseparable connection we ensure the creation and maintenance of the world in which we live and continuously create ourselves.

Through insight into and knowledge of this fibrous reality we will consciously create our world, our life and at the same time be able to manifest every (un) imaginable form in pure Harmony with the Earth.

As soon as the eyes are open, this world of phibrations can be recognized in everything.

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