Light Source Frequency Lecture: 432 Hz, Under the Magnifying Glass

Focus: Exploring the versatility of the 432 Hz Source Frequency.

Date of Release – Video Lecture
August 2020.
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Since the beginning of March, the world has passed through the cosmic door and has entered a gigantic acceleration that had already been announced in all ancient rock paintings and writings.

2020 is the year of pure judgment by obtaining truth that comes to and comes into the light.

This ensures for me a continuous adjustment of my focus which is completely in tune with what the Source frequency energies awaken in the whole world. The content of each Source Frequency lecture will therefore always be adjusted in focus where necessary.

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“Music consists of universal Source frequencies which are formed into a harmonious sounding whole by the use of different resonating musical ingredients.” ~ M. Vonhoff

All insights are from the oldest known Source Frequency Inscription (17,000> years BC). It is a cosmic frequency language encoded in the form of music that can help harmonize ourselves, the world in which we now live as well as help during the restoration of Harmonic Connection with “the rest” of all realities.

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2020: The year of the Great Awakening into the 5D Frequency Energies

WWW: We are Waking Up
in a New Dimension of Harmony:
Unity in Connectedness! ~M. Vonhoff

Why is the source frequency of 432 Hz so important?

Ingredients for this online INTRODUCTION Lecture:

Open your eyes, open your heart and learn to see the Universal Resonance of 432 Hz with:

  • The universe
  • Light
  • Nature
  • The human body
  • History
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Numerology
  • The Great Awakening

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