Welcome to the UniPhibe® eLearning Academy, the Universal Phibration Academy

Our online learning pathways are based upon Sacred Geometry and focused on Learning & Living towards Multidimensional Consciousness

Soon the first Sacred Geometry modules will be available online. The 8th module will be a Day or Weekend of Deepening to meet, to share, to connect. Attending will be made possible via Skype or Zoom.

UniPhibe® Academy is a worldwide online learning place where everyone, who feels attraction, can find her / his personal life’s path by intuitively choosing the learn modules that are provided people with experience in their field, who live and create from their heart, who want to share their knowledge with everyone who resonates with it and want to dis-cover themselves and life itself.

The Uniphibe® Academy is based on a source of inphinite, unique energy and creative possibilities that each person possesses.

To reach this source or inner center an age-old drawing and / or sound technique is used. For this, only a pen, a compass, a ruler, the voice and the body are used. To this is added the technique of visualization (creating an inner image).

This is done through color imaging, intention and feeling. Addition of the Color Rich Sounds and Rhythms from the “old” Source Frequency Insciration facilitates, makes it more pleasant, enhances and speeds up this process of learning, living and working from one’s own inner creation power.

Sacred Sound Geometry

Multidimensional Knowledge

Holistic Learning Modules

Synergy of the Original & The New Era
Unity Consciousness